Das Gestüt Physiotherapie Reha-Zentrum Ausbildung

Welcome to the Obere Mühle stud farm

Thomas Gnadl, the head of the Obere Mühle stud farm, is an equine therapist. Mr Gnadl will be pleased to treat your horse in our in-house therapy centre, which includes an aqua trainer, a treadmill, a horse walker, a solarium and a treatment room, or he will visit you and your horse in your own stable for treatment.

When is physiotherapy applied for treatment?

Physiotherapy is applied for the treatment of diseases, for subsequent rehabilitation purposes and for improving the physique of your horse. For these purposes, physiotherapy makes use of naturopathic and physical instruments such as heat, water and light. In order to ensure therapeutic success, Thomas Gnadl works closely with experienced veterinaries and adjusts his therapy to the current diagnostic findings regarding your horse and, of course, your own observations. It makes sense to use physiotherapy as an alternative but respectable complement to conventional medicine.

Which services do we render?

    * acupuncture
    * osteopathy
    * homoeopathy
    * magnet therapy
    * haematogenous oxidation therapy (HOT)
    * medical leech therapy
    * aqua trainer

For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact Thomas Gnadl under the following telephone number:
Thomas Gnadl, Tel: 0049 (0) 160/ 7404661

On the Obere Mühle stud farm, your horse can use our aqua trainer and our treadmill for the best possible training results, all this of course under professional supervision. Renowned veterinary hospitals often use our aqua trainer because of its substantial contribution to the healing process of the horses treated.

When does it make sense to use an aqua trainer?

The aqua trainer, because of its water resistance, improves the endurance of a healthy horse without straining its joints as the horse moves in its typical gaits walk and trot. But it is not only muscle formation but also selective reduction training which is possible in the aqua trainer. Thus, you horse stays fit after tournament season without it losing muscle mass or endurance.

Exercise in the aqua trainer is also good for ill horses as limbs and the musculoskeletal system are relieved under water. The aqua trainer is often used for convalescence and recovery after injuries and surgery. Heart, circulation and respiration are checked constantly. Muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints are gently strengthened.  In  case of tension in the back, exercise in the aqua trainer also helps to loosen the back muscles and can build them up when necessary. Joint and tendon problems are usually cured faster with the help of the aqua trainer.

Please send us an e-mail to info@gestuet-oberemuehle.de If you have further questions about our therapy centre.